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Joined Newgrounds. Jay!

2008-12-12 03:29:44 by Foraum

Welcome, let me tell you a little story..

A couple days back I sort of wandered off (on the internet) and somehow ended up here.
I heard of NG before off course and recall a visit a couple years back. But never joined.

I like flash a lot and experimented with it back in the day when xiou xiou was still the bomb. Yes that long ago! Let me tell you what I found out... I sucked at it and probably still do. I tried creating something, but failed hard. So.. I decided to dive into another world of creativeness.


My passion.
After a couple of years of experimenting with my favorite music style, trance, I came here a couple days ago and listened to some of NG's finest music productions. Let me tell you, I was blown away by some of them and realized something again. I was either doing something wrong or I sucked at music producing too. My songs, at best, were painfully mediocre compared to most of the cool stuff I found here. But... I decided not to give up on my passion.

So.. I went on a mission. A mission to figure the hell out how some of you were making your songs and making them sound so good. I always figured that it was only natural that I couldn't compete with the likes of Tiƫsto and Armin van Buuren and their advanced audio setups. But some of the works here sounded so damn professional that there must have been something I missed. A couple hours later, after reading dozens of posts in your (our :D) forum, I found my answer. The holy grail of electronic music creation. (well for those of us with not as much coin to spare like the pro's at least) namely:

A little thing called: Software Synthesizers.

I always used premade samples that came with the various music programs I bought. But that, as I figured out not so long after I began my mission, was not even considered "creating", but merely "copy - paste" work in the eyes of the more experienced producers on the forum. I decided to try some "soft synths" out and became acquainted with words like VSTi and Step Sequencers. And man let me tell you, the world opened up for me. I can be the next Armin! A world of possibility's. Well... that has to wait. This is no child's play anymore. This is damn hard and sounded a lot easier than it really is. Creating a melody of your own? Yes I have the tools now but actually creating something that sounds good and mixes well with the bass line etc etc is no easy thing let me tell you. I was always hand fed with premade samples but now.. Now I'm a couple of hours in and still don't have that perfect sound that goes well with that cool bass. After a couple of hours of "nothing" I decided to take an easier path..

The path of the remix.

Yes! The original author creates a melody for you and it's not even considered cheating as long as you give it your own personal touch!
Well ladies and gentlemen. That I could and that I did.

After a couple of days of figuring out how everything works (well not everything I guess but enough to fit my needs for now at least) and hours of tweaking buttons and arranging something that represents something you can call a song, I wrapped up 3 minutes of audio. Impressive hah? Well.. without any further ado I proudly present, a remix of an old favorite trance song of mine, which is entitled:

People I Used To Know
Originally made by LNQ (AKA Joni Ljungqvist)

I can now finally put (Foraum Remix) behind it. Something that I always wanted to do.
It's a first step and though my intensions are creating something original in the near future,
It has to do for now...

I hope you like the track which I gave my personal touch using my beginner skills. Oh and we will definitely see each other again soon...


P.S. I'm still learning so I see it as a privilege to receive tips and tricks from experienced listeners / producers. Feel free to comment on something you like / dislike or on something I can do to improve my tracks in the future.



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2008-12-12 04:10:58

Welcome to hell.

Foraum responds:



2008-12-12 09:37:28

Fancy a music collab?

Foraum responds:

After listening to sagitarius... I'm sold! Would like to remix it or something similar sounding.
But lets talk when you listened to my song (when it's approved). Still figuring a lot of stuff out at the moment so maybe not the best time yet. But definitely intrigued.